Focused Journey Media is a wedding photography and filmmaking business based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our business is fundamentally based on the relationships and bonds that we cultivate with you, our clients. Whether it be through photographs or films, it is our goal to always put storytelling on the forefront. That being said, we hope to be the ones to narrate your story through our creative vision and artistry.




A highlight film is something that you will watch hundreds of times and share with your loved ones. It is a 4-7 minute film that is creatively edited with perfectly matched music to highlight the biggest and most important moments of your special day. We want to take you back to that very day and allow you to relive all the emotion and feelings you had. It’s your love story – the culmination of your lives now coming together as one.


The documentary film chronologically documents the events of your special day as they unfold from beginning to end. It is edited to remove any unnecessary footage and to create a seamless flow for the events in its full nature. We will capture the ceremony and reception in its entirety, cut between each appropriate camera angle, and use all the natural audio for the ceremony and speeches. Our documentary films vary in length depending on the length of the coverage and content. Our standard films are 60-75 minutes long.


A feature film encompasses the important highlights throughout the day with an emphasis on storytelling through speech, audio, and music. The Feature Film builds on the highlight film and digs deeper into your wedding day story including more footage especially from your ceremony and reception. This film will show all the important details to deliver a complete wedding day experience. Typically a Feature Film will fall within a short film range of ten to fifteen minutes.



From engagement until the day of, we will cover your whole love story through photographs. We don’t just spray and pray for the best shots, we shoot with intent to capture the biggest moments of your life. Loved ones, details, reactions, “the kiss”, you – we won’t overlook any of that. We live for candids and those moments that speak for itself. Through Focused Journey Media, we make sure you relive the whole thing.


Aside from marrying the best man ever, our video is the highlight from our wedding day. Using his talent, experience, and understanding of us, David and his team were able to capture incredible footage. They highlighted all the important parts of the day. His editing skills are unfounded!

– stephanie & daniel

These guys are so sweet, which meant I definitely knew we were going to be taken care of real well. We had a great amount of meetings to touch base of what the vision was. They captured absolutely everything we discussed about and went above and beyond. Thank you guys! You guys are awesome!

– lynna & jeff

We definitely recommend this team to anyone looking for photo or video for any of their special occasions – not just engagements or weddings. We knew we wanted quality work for this super important day in our lives and they delivered. The team did an incredible job! Money well spent for sure

– laura & ricardo



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